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CURRENT 6th Grade Students Must Have Proof Of Whooping Cough Immunization. Please submit proof of shot to school office by March 27, 2017
Science 7
Instructor: Ruiz   
Are you ready for an exciting year discovering the inner workings of cells, their nuclei and how you inherited your looks from your ancestors?  Well, that is just the beginning of what we will learn in my class!  Be prepared to become an expert at microscopes and learning about the inner workings of your eyes.  These are a few of the things this class has to offer.  Generally, we will learn about how living things work (biology) with some connections to earth science and physical science.  It's going to be a great year!

Ms. Ruiz's e-mail address:

Beginning of the year supplies for science.
Supplies for science needed for Monday, August 18:
- 70 to 100 pg., college ruled, spiral notebook.
- tape, stapler, or glue to take to class each day.
- at least 2 pens (black or blue).
- at least 2 pencils
- colored pencils for home.
With the use of notebooks in my class, online grades would not help as much as looking through the studentís notebook. The notebooks are carried home and are the most valuable tool to help students in this class.

Absent recently?
Here are the steps you should do:
1.  Click on the date you were absent under "Classwork/Homework" to the right. 
    a.  Print or copy the opener
    b.  Answer it and place it on the correct page of your notebook.
2.  Look under the opener for the classwork and homework listed, you are responsible for it all!
     Ask yourself:
        a.  Can you do this from the textbook?  If so, do it.
        b.  Is the paper I need  listed below this section under "papers, worksheets and Powerpoints",  If so print it and do it.
        c.   If the paper is unavailable, make sure you see Ms. Ruiz about it when you return.
3.  If you don't understand something or you missed something MAKE SURE TO VISIT MS. RUIZ OUT OF CLASS TIME!
Parents - How to help your student
There are several ways you can help keep track of your student. 
1.       Look in their agenda daily. There should be homework listed for each period each day. It is very rare for the student to have no homework and there should never be blanks.   Blanks are unacceptable. Have students show you the work and check for completeness. Spot check their work for accuracy. The work will be graded and incorrect answers will not get credit. If your student is not writing down their assignments, you can check the websites for the actual assignments for most classes.
2.       Look through their science notebook at least once a week. There should be no blanks. You can check the work with the table of contents. Check for completeness and if there is anything incomplete, have them finish it. 
3.       Have the student see me for help. They can check with me regarding before or after school and I am always in class on Tuesdays and Thursdays during both lunches.
4.      If a student is absent. They MUST make-up the work missed. Many times this means meeting with the teachers at designated times.   Much, however, not all missed work in my class can be found on the website or from me. Much of the missed work is self-serve from the daily classwork pockets at the front of the room.
Tips to help correctly answer questions.
  • Analyze - examine critically to show essential features.
  • Criticize - point out strong and weak points (evaluate).
  • Compare - show differences and similarities between two or more things.
  • Contrast - compare to show differences only.
  • Define - give a clear, detailed, and precise meaning (who or what--never when or where).
  • Describe - list physical characteristics but often means discuss, explain, identify or give account of.
  • Discuss - (comment) - present essentials and their relationships.
  • Elaborate - develop theme or idea in greater detail.
  • Evaluate - appraise carefully, giving, positive and negative aspects (critique).
  • Explain - clarify and interpret details of the problem, theory, etc.  Present a step-by-step account of or analysis (how and why).
  • Illustrate - explain or clarify by giving clear, pertinent examples (Give examples of).
  • List - Set down under each other a series of facts, names, dates, etc.  Write a series of numbered items.
  • Outline - organize facts by arranging them in a series of headings and subheadings to show relationships.
  • Prove - list all logical arguments supporting the statements.
  • Summarize - present concisely all main points.
Discussion Topics
 10.1 Outline.doc
This is the classwork of 4/12. Complete it and place on page 86.
These are the notes from 4/14 and finished on 4/18. Complete on page 93.
 10.2 Notes.ppt
These are the notes from 4/20. Complete on page 98.
 10.3 & 4 Notes.ppt
These are the notes that were started on 4/26 and finished on 4/28. Complete and place on page 105.
 Animal Homologous Skeletons.docx
This is the homework of 4/17. Complete and place on page 94.
 Bones and Muscles Booklet.doc
These are the directions for the Bones & Muscles Booklet. If absent, you can make a booklet with two pieces of paper folded in half and stapled together, or you can pick up a booklet from the absence work pocket when you return.
 Chapter 8, Section 3.ppt
These Notes belong on page 82.
These are the directions on how to color code.
Graph paper -- Just print it!
 Harvard Cell video.doc
This is the website and directions for the Harvard "Inner Life of a Cell".
This will help you to thoroughly answer a question in order to get the most information from it.
 Levers in the Human Body.doc
This is the homework of 4/26. Place on page 106.
These are the directions to get the textbook online. Print and follow.
 parent letter.doc
This is the parent letter that explains how this class works. It was given as homework on 8/11.
 Steps to Preview Reading - student copy.doc
Use these steps before you read and you will remember and understand up to 200% more!
Homework/classwork list and Opener
Due April 25, 2017
Due April 26, 2017
Due April 27, 2017
Due April 28, 2017
Table of Contents
Due April 28, 2017

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